Mobile Apps is about Single Page Applications

With the recent trends in more mobile traffic, I’ve gotten more into learning to build apps so that I can drive traffic and $$ for my clients. This post is by no means a technical write up on coding, but

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Basic Technical SEO

Index and Crawl are probably very important things that needs to happen for your site to get index by the search engines in order to obtain organic search placements. Index Be sure to have a Google Webmaster Tool account and

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Headless SEO Tool

There are many types of SEO tools that are utilized. Depending on the objectives, you may use a particular tool to look up a keyword or maybe to expand on the keywords. Or maybe you’re looking to see what your

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Building a Keyword Discovery Machine in Adwords

Building a key word discovery machine inside Adwords was a popular tactic at the SES in New York 2012, Cooper Pickett (@CooperPickett) a consultant with Integra Strategic Technologies, wrote an article on the setup. What is cool is that it’s

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Facebook Open Graph Tags

  One of the many big buzz happening is the influence of Social Media in the SEO world. At the moment there isn’t a direct factor that saids if you #hash this, then you will rank high in the search

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Facebook Open Graph Bookmarklet

I have this new bookmarklet that was created by Mike King of iAcquire. I just altered it a little for this application. What this bookmarklet does is that it will display what the Facebook Open Graph would look like of

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Augmented Reality Car Toy

Here’s a quick post on the new technology trending in the mobile market. Augmented Reality, is the next big craze for ecommerce and mobile apps. This technology allows you to use your camera on your smartphone and scan an object

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