Importance of Real Time Search


So what is the big deal about real time search?  Capturing real time search is a big deal for businesses.  This information will tell you what is going on about a product or service.

This conversation may be about your business. When you have this knowledge you can capitilze on it.  You can offer a solution or engage in the conversation to build on your relationship with your customer.

So for example, whatever type of industry that your business is in.  There maybe a conversation about window replacement.  You are West Coast Vinyl, you would engage in the conversation about it.  This can be to offer a solution or advises, this is done in a friendly way.

Now relying on just capturing real time information is not the end of the rainbow.  You must combine historical searches and real time to understand and to solidify the information.  But keep in mind depending on the industry, this may not be true.  As in technology sector, there are many new technology coming out.


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