Make It Easy For Customer To Buy


easy to buy

During this low economic times, it is getting harder for online businesses to thrive.  According to Google Adwords team, the easier your transaction process that you make it.  The easier it is for the customer to buy online from you.

In other words, if you’re selling a blue widget but your transaction process is complicated, chances are customer will go elsewhere to buy.

Here is a tip that makes it easy for customer to buy.  Combine pictures and text but make it very simple to read and understand. Just like the picture above that you see.

Also, concentrate on the money maker product.  Capitalize on the product or service that is consistantly making you money.  You should know what that is, because of tracking on your web analytics.

If your business is not about selling product, but its more of providing a service.  Same thing whether your adviretisment is online or offline.  Make it your ads message simple for the client to see, like West Coast Vinyl, Chicago Basement Remodeling.


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