How Qualified Are My Leads?


qualified leads

How do you get qualified leads on your website.  This question is the one million dollar question for all businesses.  Getting ranked on the first page of Google, Msn, and Yahoo is about keyword phrases.

However, keyword phrases or sometimes referred to as the title on your web page has nothing to do with a qualified lead.  A qualified lead is capturing the consumer that wants to buy or call for your service.  How you capture them is thru the keyword phrases.

The keyword phrases that we are looking for is that compelling phrases that makes that customer take action once they land on your landing page.  An example would be if you are in the window replacement industry.

-“West Coast Vinyl Replacement Window off 50%”

-“$1500 off on 6 replacement window install”

These phrases are basically from your good old fashion advertisement bullets.  They are phrases that compel a consumer to take action.  In this case it is to get the customer to call or email you about your having your window install.

In essensce these keyword phrases are your long tail keywords that convert.  The traffic will not be great as in someone researching replacement window, but more specific and ready to buy or call for your service.

The other part of this equation to qualifying a lead that comes in thru your website for a service, is speaking to a live person, via telephone. Without this missing equation the lead will never be transfer into a sale.

A real live scenario or case study is this.  I was assigned to make contact with a nationwide home improvement company after they had opted in to one of our landing page.  I made contact, confirmed that they had inquired about our service.  Threw my pitch of what we can do for them.  The conversation went on for 2 months then I finally was able to close the deal for a test campaign.  I was ecstatic!

Now most of my other sales that I made are within 3 days to 2 weeks, because of the nature of our business, that is SEO/SEM.  On the product side, totally different industry, my paintball supplies.  I make a sale every day without having to speak to my client, this is totally different.

West Coast Vinyl a hi tech replacement window company usually will close their deal when they have their highly trained consultant goes out to meet the client.  This is after getting the inquiries on their website.  These are real life examples of the processes of leads.


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