Using Split Testing


split testing

The best time to split test is when you have data (usually from server log, or web analytics software) that shows that you have unique traffic coming in from certain keyword phrases.

You would come up with an advertising message and point this to a landing page.  This landing page will have the information about the message that was in the ad that the consumer saw.  But here is what is unique about the landing page is that everything that is on the page is to make the consumer take action.

This can be the wording, like “call for a free estimate at 800-333,,etc… Next the picture or video position and the content of the pic. Is it pleasing to the eye of the consumer?

There will be 2 landing pages that will be set up and both are about the same thing, minor differences. When customer come to your landing page they will land on one of the two landing pages that you have set up. This will be tracked  to know how many have come and what happened.  Did the consumer take action to opt in or bounced out of there?

This is one of the main reasons to split test, but not to be the only reason. Split test can be used for research to see if a lead on a certain type of service is profitable.  Or, to see if the lead will convert?  I know this can get confusing and its all interchangeable.

Home improvement companies like Chicago Basement Remodelers, West Coast Vinyl, and ProCraft are always tweaking (testing) their online or offline mediums to get that optimal sales results. Split testing is a way of life in the business world.

If you need help with maximizing on your investment online, let A Spider Marketing help you increase your ROI’s.


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