Advertising Message is Important



Why do many new businesses fail? Is it because they don’t have a good product or service to offer to their customer? Or maybe their pricing is too high? No!,  it is the Advertising message!

1. Ads Importances

For example if you’re in the window replacement business like West Coast Vinyl.  You want everyone to know that you have a great deal for the service and product that you provide to your customer.

Here is an example of an ad:

  • Quality Vinyl Windows Install 50% off
  • Sliding Vinyl Window Free With Bay Window Purchase
  • Get $200 off For 2 Vinyl Window with Cardinal Glass

I know what you’re saying, so I have to learn to advertise?  Well, yes and no.  Yes you do have to learn the basics of text advertising, but no you do not have to do the work.  Like everything else, know it then get an expert to do it.

The examples above are not set in stones, some ads are based on the lingo of the market (people).  If you know how people talk with certain buzz or slangs use it to effectively communicate the message in your ad.

2. Ads Testing

This equation is the other piece to your puzzle to success.  If you don’t test your ads, you will never know what works and what doesn’t.  You don’t want to be guessing with your money, unless you’re filthy loaded.

The basics of ads testing is to track how the customer got to you.  Whether they came by thru the internet, yellow page, newspaper, bulletin board at community center.  You gotta know.  If you’re not getting a response, then your ad stinks or the area or if online the category that you’re in is way off.

Future article will address the PPC ads, and how to track.  Online ads testing is easy to do.  If you need help, give us a call or email or leave a comment.

A Spider Marketing prides its service to be personable with attention to the customers needs.


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