Optimizing For Conversions



Once you have your ads set up and tweaked at its optimum.  Its time to look at your website, or web page.  The customer that came to your web page by ads are there for a certain reason due to the keyword phrases that they had typed in the search query.

For websites these are some of the things that needs to be noticed and monitor.

  • Text – referring to the font, easily readible
  • Color – easy on the eyes
  • Headline – this is what the consumer saw when they click on the ad to get here.
  • Offer – give it to them clearly
  • Navigation – make it easy
  • Image – nice pics here not something offensive
  • Pricing – make it clear in black and white your price

These points are very important to optimize for conversions.  Even if your organization is a non-profit, and not like the big capitalistic company like West Coast Vinyl.  Make it a standard operating procedure to always be testing.


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