Qualified Leads


qualified leads2

Generating leads for your business is easy to do.  Generating qualified leads is also easy.  What needs to be understood is that getting qualified leads means less traffic coming to your website.

When customer are researching about home improvement, they will generally type “home improvement”.  If your website is ranked on the first page of Google for this term, you will get lots of traffic coming in. But this traffic is just a bunch of looky loos, tirer kickers, etc..

Now if you narrow this down to” energy efficient window install 50% off”, we’re getting more specific about a home improvement project.  So a company like West Coast Vinyl or Ray’s Windows should be competing for these long tail terms. Statistics also shows these terms won’t get lots of traffic but they do convert.  This long tail term is the key!

However, this article is not about long tail but the qualified lead.  Which means the consumer will know how much its going to cost to buy or get service from you.  There is no guessing and you have eliminated the low baller. Now it should be easier to sell your services to these targeted customers.

If you need help with generating leads for your website please contacct us A Spider Marketing can help!  Doesn’t matter what your business is about. Can be underwater basket weaving to West Coast Vinyl window replacement. We can help you generate those leads with top keyword searches for your industry and long tail search.


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