Local Businesses Are Missing The Point of Paid Search


Paid search Ad Revenue Growth

There are many local businesses that have their own website or don’t have one.  These local businesses are misunderstanding the point of launching an effective PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, otherwise known as paid search.

The initial point of launching a PPC campaign is to get exposure to your website, to showcase your services.  What usually happens is that the local businesses will get some unique visitors coming thru the ads.  The consumer lands on one of their web pages of the businesses website.

Depending on the location and type of service, if its really is a necessaty or nicety.  Joe Roofer may get lots of traffic coming to them or not.  But lets say that Joe Roofer is getting the traffic but the conversion is just not there.  In other words not many people are calling him up for an estimate.

With this result if its being tracked, Joe Roofer gives up and saids, “online leads sucks!” Yes, for this common scenario, Joe Roofer is not doing well in the leads department.  Now instead of joining the bandwagon of “online leads sucks”.  Joe Roofer needs to hire an outsider that does online marketing professionally, or at least pay for the consultation on what to do now.

The next step is to evaluate your PPC ad, and your landing page. The page that your unique customer landed on.  If you are not getting any conversions, then you have to ask this question.  Is the landing page title and content the same as your ad on your PPC?  If you answer no or maybe.  You need to do something quickly and change it so both the ads and landing page are talking about the same thing.

If you understand this last paragraph, then that is the secret to success with paid search. Here are some things that succesful businesses use paid search:

  • Research
  • Survey about their niche market
  • Tracking their visitors or hits
  • Keywords phrases for their industry
  • Conversions

These reasons are not set in stones, but some of the common few that paid search is used for.  Companies from all around the US like West Coast Vinyl, Pella Windows, Sears Home Improvement, Disneyland, Kia all have used paid search for certain purpose in their respective field.  We at A Spider Marketing want everyone to be aware, or think outside the box about ways to market your local businesses.  So, give us a call or email with any questions.


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