Landing Page



Having a great landing page will help your business generate leads.  When you get a customer to come to your landing page, and its written with content that they were looking for.

The chances of those customer taking action to contact or opt in is great.  If customer are just landing on your home page or service page, there will only be a small percentage that will contact your business for an estimate.  Do you know why?

The answer is in the first paragraph, customer came to your website looking for something.  How they landed on your website can be numerous. I would prefer my customer to come to my website for a particular service, and I don’t want to show them that I can do everything (Thats later).  I don’t want them here to show that I am a jack of all trades.  Unless, they somehow heard of the name of your business, and they came to your website to browse, thats fine.

But, most businesses should be concentrating on getting traffic for the customer looking to do business with you.  Thats how you make money, what a concept! lol!

So the goal of any businesses is to capture customer that are emotionally ready to take action when they land on your landing page.  In a nutshell, a landing page should be simple and specific! If you follow these simple guidelines, your business should see some improvements for opt ins.

Many local businesses haven’t quite caught the concept, but there are some like West Coast Vinyl, ProBasement Remodelers do get it. For more insights and ways that AS Marketing can assist your business in generating leads, contact us.


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