PPC Title Tweaks To Increase Click Thru



PPC is short for Pay Per Click. Google, Msn, and Yahoo have these online advertising services for anyone that wants to get in front of many eyeballs.

For this article, we are going to talk about making little changes to the ads to get results.  The ads itself has the keyword phrases that is about your service or product.

– Ok, so lets cut to the chase, in this first example its about The three dots


When you put the three dots in the ads it means there is more information behind the ad.  So naturally, people will want to see it.

Secret is a powerful word to put on your ads, here is an example.

adwrd tips secret– “You Need To” is another powerful phrases to have in your ads title.

youneedto adwrdThe Power of “How to” keyword: The keyword: “How to” is another powerfull keyword, in my researchers have shown that using this little keyword can increase your CTR.

Call-to-Action Phrases: This is important also depends on which niche you are, that’s why testing is the best thing you can do. Some of the call-to-action phrases: Buy Today (again adding time) – Save 50% – Download Free Trial Now (adding 3 powerfull keywords: download, free and now) – Sale Ends Tomorrow (adding time) – Subscribe – Read – Download Now – Sale Ends Tomorrow . You can see that every step can be mixed with all the tips mentioned mentioned.

Super-Phrases to use for adwords  headlines!

Astonishing, Instant, Discover, Breakthrough, Critical, No-holds-barred, Unique, Urgent, Unbeatable, Innovative, Incredible, Enhanced, Electrifying, Guaranteed, Phenomenal, Revealed, Revolutionary, Secrets, Time-Sensitive, Trailblazing, Ingenious, Pioneering, Proven Techniques, Step-By-Step, Unforgettable, In-Depth, Invaluable, Irresistible, Powerful, Shocking, Spectacular, Unlimited, How-to, YOU, Super, Tactics, First, Booming, Amazingly, Appetizing, free, cheap, sale, special offer, time limited offer, tricks, tips, enhance, fact, learn, at last, free shipping

So there you have it, its a start for you to place the ads so that they will generate the top keywords that convert.  West Coast Vinyl is a big believer in having great ads that converts in the window replacement industry.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Valeria Vernon says:

    Very very interesting, thank you very much. A question: what about other languages ? I mean, is there a way to collect equivalent words/phrases other than merely translating them? Where did you find, for example “Trailblazing, Ingenious, Pioneering, Proven Techniques, Step-By-Step, Unforgettable, In-Depth, Invaluable, Irresistible” ? Should I use the translation of one of those, it wouln’d work here in Italy, except “free”, and a few other words.
    Thank you for your attention,

    1. spidermarket says:

      You would have to track for your respective area.

    2. spidermarket says:

      Back to Valeria Q,, you definetely have to know the lingo. that would be the key, knowing what that lingo is in that particular area. One word may mean something else in a different area.

  2. Valeria Vernon says:

    More than meaning something else (false friend) a word will have a different impact on the reader depending on the cultural, social and geographical situations. I studied the words you listed (just for a little, for lack of time), and I came to the conclusion that they belong to various “regions”: for example, make readers feel safe (Guaranteed, Proven Techniques, In-Depth, Unlimited, unbeatable, enhanced), feel satisfied of themselves (free, cheap, sale, special offer, free shipping, etc.) challenge them (Irresistible, shocking,innovative, etc.) Now if I knew exactly what are what I call the regions, I think it would be easy to find the right words to use in any language.

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