Capturing Motivated Buyers


ads convert

In the past articles we talked about the importances of using good keywords or having a great title for your product or service.  One of the problem is, your website may get ranked for a very competitive phrase but does not convert.  Meaning nobody buys or contacts you for a free estimate.  Your website is only capturing the researchers.

When writing titles for your services or products.  You should combine the keyword phrases with what we call modifiers.  These modifiers are words that basically tells the consumer to take action, or a benefit from the service or product.  Here are some examples:

  • “How To” use titles that have this phrase, for they have shown to increase the chances of customer taking action.
  • Call to action phrases.  I will show several, you have to decide which ones works best for your industry. “Buy Today”, “Save 50 % off”, “Sales or Specials ends Tomorrow”.  The words in these phrases can be subtituted and/or combined with other phrases.

West Coast Vinyl 50% off window install, Specials Ends Today”               “Vacation Disney Hideaway Free Report Download”                                        “Custom Tipmann A5 Upgrades at 50% For Today”

I want you to look at these title ads, and I think that you can see the keywords and the modifiers combined into a compelling bullet statement.  These elements are not new, they have been around for over 100 years in the advertising industry.

If you need help with your online marketing please give us a call, we can help your business become findable, and put you on track in getting  your keywords phrases to convert.


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