Generate Home Improvement Leads With Video


Generating leads with video is very hot among internet marketers.  If you are not promoting your business thru this media, you may be left behind.  The above video is an example from West Coast Vinyl, a window replacement company.

Putting a video on your web page is easy to do.  Some businesses get bogged down as to what type of video to show.  I recommend something simple and specific about your service or product.  I realize you guys out there that are general contractor, are a jack of all trades.  So for your business to get some exposure you want to start with a certain type of service.

Like kitchen remodeling, show a short video of some of your past works thru pics and combine that with some action videos of guys doing the work. This is video can be about 1 minute to 1 minute and a half.  Not too long.  Just shows the good stuff of what you do and be sure to have the water marks that has your contact info and website.

Like I said this is really simple, you don’t have to go out and buy an expensive digital camcorder.  Just a decent one, I’ve seen people use their cell phones with a camera.  Quality of pics wasn’t the greatest but the message came across.

Video is really important to have in your marketing.  Contact us on how we can help you generate some leads with with your video.


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