Optimizing For Mobile Search



Optimizing for mobile phones/devices should be on your to do list on your website.  Mobile phones is now a common item in our homes and business.  The numbers are showing that consumers that are local searching for your business are using some sort of mobile device.

So here are some suggestions to optimize on your website so that it comes up on in the search rankings.  But before we do this its important to understand Wireless Application Protocol otherwise known as WAP.  This is the format that a mobile phone, pda, smart phones, etc… has so that it can show what is on the mobile screen.

The technology is getting better as the day goes by, but currently most mobile that are not smart phones or the higher quality like iPhones, G3, Blackberry.  Will not show layout, graphics, whistles, etc.  In short your optimization on your website should:

  • Keep content short
  • Create short, custom titles
  • Develop Mobile Phone Search Optimization Easy Scroll Pages

Currently the top industries that are benefitting from mobile, local search are the travel, business, and entertainment.  The current info from Mobile Optimization Surveys states that mobile searches tend to be young, upwardly mobile professionals, and with high income.

In summary, if your business provides info on Disney Hideaway for vacations, theaters, or a window contractor like West Coast Vinyl.  You should be optimizing for this upcoming trend.  Please contact us we can help you.


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