Optimizing Landing Pages


Here are some examples of what we call poor landing pages:


This one has all the info but there isn’t really any call to action jumping out to tell me to contact them, can you find it?  Has their web navigation, which is fine if you want to lose them in one of your many pages.

landingpage2Again this landing page has the same problems as the first.


Ok, now wer’e getting somewhere, I do see the big red button, “Special Offer”.  Now the other pics is nice, but get rid of the navigation on the left side.  Need to move the red button closer to the upper right corner.

landingpage8Here is one from West Coast Vinyl, though they have the right idea but should have put the content near the top as you can see from the red arrow.

landingpage5This one here gets right to the point. If your company is a well known brand such as this, then you can do this. Service Magic has made a big change on their landing page, used to be their home page, which looks like a directory of navigation.

landingpage7OK, this is the ideal landing page whether you are selling a product or providing a service. Or your delivery is an ebook, video, texts, whatever.  Look at this pic, the only thing that you see is the description and an opt in box! There is no navigation to go to.  As you can see the triangle outline, this means this is where most consumers are looking at your landing page in the first 2 seconds.  They will decide to bounce out or opt in.

So word to the wise, landing pages has to be specific to what the consumer was looking for and thats what they want to see.  If you need help with landing pages design and consultative advices, please contact us.


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