Internet Marketing During Recession For General Contractors


general contractors

The U.S. economy is going through a recession.  For homeowners right now is not the time to go splurging on their home improvement upgrades. There are statistics still showing the home improvement upgrades is still there according to Service Magic, a leading service provider for homeowners and General Contractors.  This is really important to know if you are a general contractor and optimizing your website to obtain leads on the internet.

Most people are not doing a full blown home improvement  project.  Homeowners are doing smaller home improvement  projects like countertops,  window repairs, cabinets refacing, siding repairs, interior and exterior painting, and lots of repairs.  So the main thing that general contractors should listen to is the small projects and repair leads.

These homeowners are looking to spend in small amounts like for a countertop replacement project.  They’re looking to spend less but want to see great results for  their kitchen countertops. So if you’re that talented general contractor that is keen to this message, you should be modifying your task to accomodate this request.

There are some homeowners that are DIY.  As a general contractor, you can provide them with the products to install and consultative advices.  If you do this correctly, in the long run, you may have repeat business.

If it sounds like we’re repeating the message of small projects, yes, we are!  The stats shows the majority in the U.S. homeowners are still spending to home improvement but on a smaller scale.

Relating this info back to web optimization, paid search, social marketing, etc..  Your web site should be optimized for those repair, smaller project leads locally to your area. When we talk about smaller projects, we are saying the specifics, in this case its about “counter top reface”, “cabinet replacement”.  Not just about kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling services.

During these hard times,  you should be offering all sorts of  services to capture those leads on the internet. Here are some contractors doing just that:  Precise Measure a construction company,  Labor Pro,  West Coast Vinyl.  Don’t let the names fool you.  You just have to inquire by picking up the phone.


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  1. Bryan says:

    Great advice on internet marketing for contractors can be found in the book “The Contractor Image”

  2. Another good source is your local BBB.

  3. junaebah says:

    Great post, I found it useful information on this site…thanks

  4. Cal Phillips says:

    Great advice. As a leading painting contractor in the Denver and Colorado area, what has added to our success other than painting full interiors and complete exteriors, is hooking up with a few top quality Deck Builders, providing complete painting and staining services for their jobs. Most painting companies only wish to paint the large jobs, as we enjoy those as well. But not needing to spend $ advertising, many of these jobs are given to us on a silver platter, large and small. Building strong working relationships with 3 or 4 large Deck Builders, has filled in the gaps of those higher paying ones.

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