Video Landing Page That Converts


Spider Marketing Video Landing Page

Having a video on your landing page is one of the best ways to get your message across. They say a picture is worth a thounsand words, so videos is worth a million? Here is an image of a video landing page layout that has produce some great results. The next image below shows the details of the sections that you should have on your video landing page.

Spider Marketing Video Landing Page1You will notice there are 4 sections to this video landing page.  Most landing pages have 3 sections. Here is the explanation:

  • A.  Your video – self explanatory
  • B.  Content – This where you need to state or summarize about your product and service. This is where your keyword phrases should be. Its why the consumer came across your landing page.
  • C.  Opt in – Make it clear as to what you want from the consumer.
  • D. Testimonials –   There are some landing pages that do not have this section, you can still get decent results without it. Having these testimonials can increase your click thrus.

The layout of this landing page came from Common Craft.  What works is that the message is specific to what the consumer wants.  For example, if you were a consumer and looking to get your window replaced in your home.  You could contact window contractor like West Coast Vinyl.  Or maybe you want to give your bathroom a face lift or expand the size, contact Bathroom Services Chicago.  In the video you would show the relevant information of the service.

In this case for windows, the video can show the installation process showing how quickly you can have it done. For bathroom facelift, the video shows the before and after.  Don’t show a video about that you’re a jack of all trades, it is not what the consumer wanted to see when they were searching on the internet.

The results for using this type of layout on a video landing page for a service is roughly around 20% to 38%.  This is 20 out of 100 people that landed on the landing page opted in.  For a product, vary anywhere from 20 to 60%, depending on the season and whats hot.

If your business needs help with a landing page about your service or product, contact us we can help. Leave a comment or call.


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