Marketing During Hard Times


According to Service Magic, a leading service provider for homeowners and general contractors in the home improvement industry. There are still homeowners spending to upgrade their homes, but not on a full scale.

Everyone is cutting back including the homeowners.The good news is that homeowners are spending on smaller home projects. Like, cabinet reface, shower door installs (products), basement re-seal, siding repairs, window repairs, or 1 t window replacement.

So as a general contractor, forget about trying to be the jack of all trades, but be a specialist. Offer your service at the beginning for whatever the small service is. Once you’ve completed the project, then let the homeowner know about your other service that you provide.

The trick is don’t overwhelm the homeowner like spam. If you have the budget, by all means spend it on your highly targeted demographic mailer, brochure placement, canvassing, attend home shows.

For online marketing create as many social profiles as possible. Join your local internet business group. When you combine all of this, it is about exposure, and building your brand. So whether you’re a window contractor like West Coast Vinyl or Basement Specialist in Chicago, you need to be marketing.


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