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There are people who like to shop from the comfort (or at least convenience) of their cell phones are in luck, Google Product Search for mobile now supports all devices with mobile connections.  Plus, people with more advanced smart phones are getting access to Google Suggest.

Google Suggest (Mobile)When Product Search for mobile first launched about three months ago, this didn’t benefit Android and iPhone users.  Now it’s these folks – along with Palm Pre owners – who will see query recommendations as they type.

As for how everybody else has been brought into the Product Search for mobile fold, Eiji Hirai, a member of the Google Mobile Team, stated in a post on the Official Google Mobile Blog, “We’re announcing support for all devices with an internet connection in the US, UK, Germany and South Korea.”

He also explained, “No matter what phone you use, just enter your product query on and select the ‘Shopping results…’ link.  Or you can start your mobile product search directly by creating a bookmark to”

Google Product Search for Mobile

These handy developments should help endear Google to heavy cell phone users.  The search giant’s been trying hard to get a market share lead on potential rivals in this field, and if Google can establish itself as a factor in the purchase process, it should impress potential advertisers, like local businesses: West Coast Vinyl, Jays Windows, Klein Interiors, Bathroom Services of Chicago.

I know that the example here is about a product, but this works the same for a service.  According to Com Score and Yellow Page Online –  consumer search about services, entertainment, and travel on their mobile devices, and its all about local search.

If you have been reading our past articles on local search and local trends. This information should spark some marketing seeds into your business.  Don’t get left behind in the search game.


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