Mobile Keyword Search Tool


In our past articles com Score, and Yellow Pages Online have stated that mobile and local searches are on the rise. As you can see how important it is to start optimizing your web site for this coming search trend.

In this post we will cover a mobile keyword free tool from Google.  Another tool is from Jumptap,  you can check out.  In the upcoming series we will show you how to find their mobile keyword tool.  So why is this tool important?  This is part of your reconnaisances that you need to do to optimize your web site to get traffic for.  Even if you don’t do a pay per click campaign, use this tool to help you get information on what mobile users are searching for.

Here is the tool from Google that you can use to do some mobile keyword search. However, you must create a Google Adword account. The mobile keyword tool is in the control panel. Here is where its at:

1.  Drill down to your mobile ad group in your mobile campaign.

2.    Select “Add Keywords”

3.  Bypass the input box and select keyword tool to the right.

4.  Mobile keyword tool appears, with results tailored to mobile searches.

Again right now for us folks that offer a service is great!  There are people searching locally for a service, like window replacement, custom decks builders, bankruptcy help, etc…  Hope this helps, if you need more, contact us!


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