Microsoft Tag For Your Business


If you have a cameraphone with the Microsoft tag app installed, you can access the new mobile version of this page without typing a character or opening a browser. Just point your camera at the tag below and take a picture, and the smart code will take you to related content on your phone.  This tag is about our AS Marketing SEO Services.

SEO Services MTag

QR codes have been popular in Asia for a while, but this is the first time that a major search provider in the states has been promoting them. This is a unique, easy way to tie online and offline marketing efforts together, and they could have mobile search implications as mobile signals, just as links are off-page signals web search engines use today.

Here’s another example, If you are in front of a West Coast Vinyl energy efficient window with a Microsoft Tag, you can place your phone in front of the tag and receive video information on your device. See an ad for a restaurant, no need to write down the URL, just scan with your phone and have the restaurant’s address and map come up on your phone.

Microsoft allows anyone to create tags of their own using their online tools. Once a tag is created, the linked digital content can be altered to fit with times. Scan the tag to receive the latest promotion. Tags can also be configured to expire.

Here is a way to use the tag to advertise your business.


You can put the tag on a company shirt with some text that lets everyone know to take a picture of the tag and they will be able to view information on their mobile phone.  Let us know what you think, or tell us whats another way that you would use to promote your tag, it can be for online and offline.


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