Local Mobile Search

Mobile users are on the rise and they are searching on their mobile for local search. Here are some info to support the facts. InsightfulExpress did a study for msnbc.com on mobile video users, and found:

  • 78% rely on their mobile phone for up-to-the-minute information, vs. only 19% of those who never viewed mobile video.
  • 71% prefer to receive information via mobile internet, vs. just 13% of those who don’t view mobile video.
  • 58% get more of their news from the mobile phone than ANY OTHER source, vs. only 10% of those who have never viewed mobile video.
  • 50% spend more time away from computers than in front of them, vs. the reported 21% of those not watching mobile video.

With this information, you should be feeding more ammo into your online marketing efforts. As I said before this is the wave of the future, whether you’re from a metro area like Los Angeles or out in the rural area of Bend, OR.  More consumers are searching on their mobile internet.

Here’s another interesting info from Google in regards to local search on mobile.  This is an excerpt from Scott Huffman a Google Search Engineer at a recent presentation on mobile search:


“shows Google universal search, and here you see some… again it looks kind of like the desktop but you see a bunch of differences. For example you see a big button with the phone number, right? So we’re really trying to just make the use case which we see a lot of, of click to call a business very easy very effortless on a mobile device. You see a big button for get directions which actually pops you straight into the Google mobile maps application. And if you look closely there’s actually a lot of other differences between this screen that you get in mobile versus the desktop screen.”

Here’s an example of kind of local and easy toge ther. What I have here is the Google mobile App, this is on the Blackberry device. Y ou can see at the bottom here that it’s picked up my location being in Mountain View, California, and in fact, from the device’s GPS it’s actually picked up my location basically sort of around here. And so as I start typing, right? [begins typing sushi] of course we get Google Suggest coming up (where’s the Google suggest, there it is) but in fact when I get to something that looks inherently local like sushi what we’re suggesting back isn’t just some queries but in fact is the closest sushi place to campus here.

So we’ve taken location, passed it down through the search stack and actually brought that straight back as a suggestion for me. And then if I click on this, you see I get some options to go ahead and call these guys and make a reservation, to see some more information about them on the web, or to pop the maps application and see a map, and again just an example of trying to make it easy to use a mobile device and integrate my location in it.

So does this mean Google will put more into mobile searches vs desktop search? What is clear is that Google is optimizing and detecting local and mobile search intent.

Putting this into practice, if you are a window contractor like West Coast Vinyl, or Jay’s Window. You should have a mobile web and SEO’d for Google. The keyword phrases for the business should be optimized for local search. Implement the qr tag or Microsoft tag on your web page, and on your business vehicle and work shirts. Encourage people to see your tag and snap a picture with their camera phone.

View my post on the Microsoft tag to fully understand its purpose.


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