Social Is Becoming Important For Real Time Searches

Real time search isn’t just a buzzword, its about relevancy of the conversation.  It is about people not just keywords, keywords phrases is just the by product.  Real time searches is an ever growing element that people want to know.

Getting historical data is still a need to track the trends and validate a subject, but for whats going on now. There is a need for real time search capabilities, quicker indexing.  Which is why Google has just release their prototype search code name “caffeine“.  Sites like Twitter and Facebook already have real time search capability, and recently Digg has implemented theirs.

According to Charlene Li, a digital strategy consultant and founder of Altimere Group states:

  • the web has largely become a very social environment, and will continue to become even more so. This is why marketers should focus on people rather than keywords. If you want an example of how this plays directly into Google results already, Li mentioned how the YouTube video called ” United Breaks Guitars ” ranks number 4 in Google when you search for “united”. United doesn’t own that keyword anymore, because people have lifted this video up.
  • “Right now, your customers are writing about you products on blogs and recutting you commercials on YouTube. They’re defining you on Wikipedia and ganging up on you on social networking sites like Facebook. These are the elements of a social phenomenon.”

So by integrating social in the energy efficient industry, you could take a survey as to which company is better West Coast Vinyl or xyz company.  This way you’re engaging with your customers.

In other words it is wise to integrate social into your website and will give you  insights into determining the intent of the conversation thus helping the search engines decipher what the conversation is all about.  Social media is playing a big role and influential in the search trends.


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