Local Search is Mobile Search

Mobile Searchers are in a different search cycle then regular (desktop) searches – they’re looking for something in real time – the here and now. The majority aren’t searching for Viagra or news on your latest widget – they need to know where there’s a pizza place nearby, where the nearest bank is, and other useful information. Because of it’s medium, much of Mobile Search is centered around local search.

When using a cell phone that does not have a full fledged browser, the interface for mobile search , and therefore the results, change dramatically. Yahoo’s One Search , Google’s Mobile Search and Microsoft Live Mobile will place an emphasis on local results where it makes sense.

In all of the engines, regardless of the query, less emphasis is placed on actual search results from the web and more on results that will help the user – local establishments, West Coast Vinyl Windows, etc:

MSN Mobile Search for PizzaMSN Mobile Search for "Pizza"

Google Mobile Results for PizzaGoogle Mobile Results for Pizza

Yahoo Mobile Results for PizzaGoogle Mobile Results for Pizza

Can you see the relevancy between mobile and local search?  In our next post we will give you some tips on optimizing for mobile search.


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