Augmented Reality Apps For Mobile Search

Augmented Reality is a technology that has been around that you only see in the movies.  The applications is about layering onto a live view from a camera.  In other words where computer graphics objects are blended into real footage in real time. In this case a camera phone, similar to what you see on a HUD (heads up display).

Whats unique about augmented reality is the application for mobile search with GPS.  Currently, there is much talk of its applications for the iPhone 3GS, which will be available in Sept 2009.

The above video shows the application for find a subway station in England.  So thinking outside the box and using this technology for say finding a string of replacement window company.  You point the camera north and you see West Coast Vinyl 2 miles ahead. Now look south and you see Joe’s Energy Windows, etc…

Or you’re just looking for the nearest pizza joint.  You would type into the search query “pizza”.  So you point your camera phone one direction and find xyz pizza joint 1 mile ahead. Can you see how “Augmented Reality works along with local mobile search?

For local business this is really great news for embracing the technology to become findable for mobile use to enhance your business.


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