Optimizing For Mobile Search

Mobile Search results tend to reflect Local Search results. If you want to show up on the first screen when a user searches for something like West Coast Vinyl windows, you need to make sure that your site is also optimized for local type searches. Some ways you can do this:

  • Make sure your site is verified and included in sites like Google’s Local Business Center, Bing,  and Yahoo Local. Make the extra effort and verify your listings with a PIN received by email or by phone – the more verification and trust you give to the engines, the higher your local ranking will be.
  • Instead of links, you’ll need to look for citations that mention your business website and its address. What are citations? Citations are anything that reference your business, so a yellow pages directory, a web site that lists your contact information, and even the Better Business Bureau all server as citations. Citations can be obtained by submitting your business info to local directories, getting mentioned in local news with your address, and even being reviewed on sites like Seattle SEO Services can count as a citation!
  • For each location, create a separate page with your business information, include local address and telephone number.
  • Get local links from sources such as a Local Chamber of Commerce, Government Agencies and local towns. Local links help the engines put you in the right neighborhood.
  • Make sure your address and phone number are at the bottom of all your pages.
  • Have a list of all your locations, and consider adding a map indicating how to best get to your place of business.

To keep on the latest trends in local search, stay updated at sites Mike Blumenthal’s blog on local search, David Mihm, and the Local SEO Guide.

On the page itself you should:

  • Validate the page with the .Mobi Validator or the W3C Validator
  • Don’t use Flash and Javascript – the mobile browsers will choke or not display it properly.
  • Remember you’re building for an audience that is using a screen the size of a hand, and design accordingly.
  • Test your site to see how its viewed on various cell phones.


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