Augmented Reality Mobile Local Search


In the last article we talked about “augmented reality” and its applications for mobile search use. Augmented reality (AR) is where computer graphics objects are blended into real footage in real time. This technology is combined with a GPS on a mobile phone that has a camera.

To view AR you would need a camera phone that has the source code installed.  Currently, Layar and Crossair have the technology and soon others 3rd parties will become available. The iPhone 3GS will have this apps available sometime in Sept. 09.

So combining the cell phone camera and GPS technology to allow you to look “through” your phone to see information overlaid on top of the real world. An example, say you’re looking for a window contractor like West Coast Vinyl that installs energy efficient window. Type into the search query and point your camera down the road. You will see directions and distances to the nearest window contractor, and a button to make an auto call.

Or point your phone at an object (such as a historical site or a store), and this tech gives you a live view of what you’re looking at surrounded by extra data (stories, specs, prices, operating hours, etc.).

Wow, isn’t this cool? I know it sounds far fetched but here’s another scenario for example, imagine T-shirts emblazoned with your logo and AR-trigger-marker that come to life when those wearing them show up at your home to replace your window.  The video below shows an example with a twitter t-shirt.

With the next wave of augmented reality apps coming out for mobile local search.  As a marketer for local businesses you don’t have an excuse for not being findable on the internet.


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