Twitter Augmented Reality Mobile Search

Tweetmondo, which handles local Twitter search and SPRXMobile is partnering up to provide location-sensitive content to its mobile phone browser. Augmented reality browsers work by overlaying information over a live camera feed in a smartphone.

Imagine walking around your neighborhood, holding your camera up and seeing real estate listings pop-up over nearby buildings in your viewfinder.  The more data — such as local restaurant, window installers reviews and tweets — that SPRXMobile can include, the more useful Layar becomes.

For Tweetmondo, augmented reality Twitter search makes their service seem more immediate. This is great news to tweet about for local vendors and small businesses.

One of the question is with all this cool hi tech will mobile search be that efficient for the mobile user?  This is yet to be seen, but what is important is if you are a local business and hopefully you have a website.  Optimize the website for local mobile search so mobile user will get a view of your augmented reality info.


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