Online Marketing Without A Website

Do you have to have a regular website to market your business or hobby? The answer is no, you can use a piece of toilet paper and market it on the internet.

No, seriously!  Even if your business does not have the common, or .biz, .org, .us, etc…   You can still market your business through a blog, social media site, forum, even twitter.  Can you get ranked on Google for your services?, Yes!  Here is a snap shot on Google for the phrase “snap for mobile content” this was from July, 2009:


As you can see the sites are placed in four  position of the first page of Google.  The content is about mobile phone technology.  This is the use of social media and content creation to get ranked in the major search engines.

There is no excuse for not marketing your business online.  Even if your business is West Coast Vinyl window contractor and only optimized for local searches.  Its important to know that you can get your brand known on the internet.

Just to clarify everything I am not saying that you shouldn’t have a website about your business. For the long term you should have one.  However, if your business is on a shoe string budget, we offer the alternative.  By using the many different web properties you can still market your brand.


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