Top Mobile Keyword Search

An article by Bryson Meunier, Chicago based SEO Consultant specializing in mobile industry. The article shows top mobile keyword search phrases in conjunction with Jumptap, a leading mobile search company provided these interesting facts on mobile search phrases.

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Sports
  4. Facebook

These are just some of the general search terms. What this tells us according to Jumptap is the searches are navigational in terms of query intent from users that knew what they were looking for.  Approximately three quarters searches were navigational, with the remaining query intent  on informational, and transactional.

The reason for the query term “Google” the mobile users know that by entering the term they know exists on the World Wide Web, the return will be from “usable sites”.

Best Practices For Marketers

  • Using navigational queries such as branded terms, competitor terms and names of known products as core keywords could lead to increased visibility in mobile search engines.
  • According to Kamvar/Baluja research seem to show that users are looking for usable sites, developing a mobile web site and including the term “mobile” in the copy as a secondary keyword could lead to increased visibility in mobile search engines.


As a marketers for a local business, you want to capitalize on your brand name and the secondary keywords that is relevant to your business. i.e. West Coast Vinyl is the name brand of a window contractor company that specializes in the installation of energy efficient window.


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