Citation The Next Local Search Factor

AS Marketl_model_of_local_ranking_factors

One of the big trends in the search market is “local search”.  Many local businesses that are following this trend have already submitted their information on Yahoo Local, and Google Local. (there are more)

There has been many questions about how to get ranked on local search. Besides from submitting your pertinent business information. You need to get lots of references from other business web sources, this is called citations.

Citation is similar to getting a link from a website, as in SEO/SEM.  The differences is for SEO purpose is to let get the site indexed by a search engines. Whereas citation, your business is referenced, here’s an example of West Coast Vinyl, an energy efficient window company:

West Coast Vinyl
4023 South Orchard St
Tacoma WA, 98466


The tip is get a citation from the Better Business Bureau (local chamber of commerce websites), and this can help your rankings for local and local maps. Don’t forget to use those keywords that describe your particular service that consumer knows you by.  So in a nutshell, the more citations that you get the better.


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