Effective Local Search Optimization

Ranking for local search is an important issue for every local businesses.  Above diagram is the basics of local search submissions. Below are some more useful suggestions from respective SEO experts that can help you rank successfully for local search.

Gib Olander, Localeze

  • Critical to syndicate this content on as many platforms as possible.
  • provide a structured platform for Local business content that is syndicated to a number of different providers.

Steve Espinosa, eLocal

  • Getting a citation from a web page with your keywords in its Title Tag can have a HUGE impact.
  • If you have a weak website, think about piggybacking on your Yahoo Local or Citysearch listings and leverage the ranking power of those domains.

Michael Jensen, SoloSeo

  • A business’s rating can be even more important than ranking. For instance if your business has five stars and all of your competitors average between 2.5 and 3, even if you are further down the page there’s a good chance you’ll have the highest clickthrough. Chris Silver Smith pointed out later in the conference that clickthrough rate may in fact influence RANKING as a signal to the search engines of the highest-quality Local Listings, so in this manner higher ratings may lead to higher rankings indirectly.
  • Place a higher priority on obtaining reviews on sites that are syndicating to the search engines in your industry and your geography.

Will Scott, Searchinfluence

  • Geo-specific organic rankings are still more important than Local rankings in terms of the traffic and conversions they drive.

Here is one with a different outlook on local search and should have a closer look.  We at ASpider Marketing are keeping an eye on this mobile trend for local search.  Local businesses like West Coast Vinyl, energy efficient windows, and Pro Basement Chicago should be gearing up for this stampede.

Jon Schepke, Strategic Internet Marketing Partners

  • “Local search is more about phone calls than clicks.” Universal and mobile search make call tracking INCREDIBLY important and lies at the convergence of analytics for these two areas.

Jordan Kasteler, UtahSEOPro

Give Google plenty of signals to signify that your site is mobile-friendly:

  • Use an XHTML mp or WAP 2.0 doctype tag (encode in utf-8)
  • CSS – use only %’s and absolute positioning (no floats)
  • Images, maximum 120 pixels wide
  • Using the telephone attribute can help a phone dial that number directly (<a href=”#” tel=”5035602755”>503 560 2755</a>)
  • Keep file size under 20K for fastest download to mobile devices.
  • <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”handheld,projection,tv” href=”mobile.css”>.
  • Create an XML mobile sitemap and submit to Google and Yahoo.
  • Get links from and link out TO mobile sites.
  • Submit your site to niche mobile directories.


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