Why Use PPC For Search Engine Traffic

When do you start a paid search campaign? Otherwise known as the Pay Per Click campaign. There has been many questions concerning when and why would you pursue this.

Here are some reasons why you might want to get your local business in front of eyeballs with a Pay Per Click campaign:

  • Brand new websites, get traffic
  • Research, take a poll, survey (find out what the customer wants)
  • Capturing the long tail keywords
  • Split testing landing page (foundation of PPC)

There may be more reasons to use a PPC campaign, but these are the most important reasons to use PPC.  A more in-depth look for paid search is to have your landing page optimized correctly for the campaign. This will be covered at a later time, or you can read our past article on landing page that converts.

So if you are in the energy efficient window market like West Coast Vinyl or Jill’s SAT Tutoring Services you can use PPC to effectively meet your needs and purpose.


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