Visual Search Ease Of Use


The ease of visual search is here. Currently, Bing a new search engine has come out with Bing Visual search. Google have their own version as well with Face Flip.

Use of Visual Search

Imagine searching for something and not knowing the name so you are presented with some images. You type into the text to describe and will be presented with more pics to choose from.

Ease of Use Convenient Delivery

The ease of use and convenient delivery of providing the searchers with answers by a click of your mouse. Thus making this a useful experience for the users. It is speculated that Bing has optimized its search engine for mobile users. Mobile users are hampered with the size issue of the mobile device, so searching for information needs to be done quickly and easily.

For example, lets say that you don’t know the name of West Coast Vinyl a window company, but know the logo. You type into the query “energy efficient window” , you are now presented with a picture shown below.

WCV LOGO Main_medium

You tap the picture or click on it.  Easy convenient delivery of visual search is the goal that most websites are trying to attain to provide a great experience for users.  This may be the reason why the iPhone apps have over a billion downloads.


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