Mobile Apps Mobile Search

Right now and into the future mobile apps  search will get away from the traditional query search box. The benefits of mobile apps is the easy way of getting information at your fingertip. This may be the wave of the future in search for mobile users.  We are getting away from typing into the query box, which makes sense when you’re dealing with the size of the mobile device.

Desktop users have space to work with and are not on the go. So they can use the key board, or to move the mouse around and click on the information.  For mobile users, they need information quickly and efficiently. Doesn’t make sense to go to Google and type into the query for the nearest local window general contractor.

With a smartphone iPhone, Google Androids, Blackberries 3G all you have to do is tap open an app to find the nearest energy efficient window contractor.  Opening the app shows West Coast Vinyl. Tap one more time to give them a call. Or if you need to see where West Coast Vinyl is located, the map working with geo location or GPS enabled will show you its location.

For mobile users its about easy cool ways (direct) with a tap of the finger or swipe to get your information on the go.  For us local businesses be sure to have a mobi site or a regular site optimized to  load quickly for desktop and mobile users.  Also submit your business info to Google, Yahoo, USCities local.


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