Get Ready For Mobile Trends

As the days goes by  mobile application trends are getting bigger. These mobile apps are making it easier for you to find local businesses without getting on the internet and searching.

Actually it is thru the internet combine with either geo targeting or GPS enabled on your mobile device.  This is how your mobile device can pick up the nearest restaurant that you’re looking for that does fast food ordering.

More apps are coming out for the iPhone, Blackberry, and PalmPre just to name a few.  These mobile apps may be one of the new ways of search. These mobile apps are specifically designed to find that particular start up restaurant that specializes in “grilling”.

Now the mobile apps are not just for local businesses but can be for Mobile commerce as well. For example you may need to replace your Blackberry curve parts on the 8300, or to order some vintage coins.

What I am getting at here in this article is to give you some options about online marketing and mobile marketing.

  • One of them is to have your website optimized for desktop user, but leave the big fancy flash out. Keep you website laser focus on content thats relevant to what the traffic is coming in for. (targeted traffic) By optimizing your site with less features, will make your site load quickly.  Especially when mobile users are trying to access your site.
  • Get your local businesses expose to mobile. Such as Yelp, there are many mobile apps that uses Yelp to access local businesses.
  • Finally, but not the last, you may consider developing your own mobile application so that consumer will know your brand of what you do or sell, and it shows some reviews from customers. Reviews are very big in the mobile world!


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