Basic SEO On Page Factors

On page factor is a factor in SEO that you can’t ignore if you want your webpage to get ranked on the major search engines.  What is great about on page factor is that the webmaster has total control over their page.

Here are some internal factors for on page (site) factors to consider:

  • Title tags
  • Words on your page
  • Domain name
  • HTML Design

Title tags – this is an important tag to have if you want your web page to rank. Use keyword phrases that describe what the content is about, do not put the name of your company. i.e. don’t put Synergy Restaurant Consultants, but “Restaurant Start Ups Consultant”. Another is “steak seasoning rub” not Dean & Danny’s Food Seasoning.

Word on page -Include your keywords early and often – search engines place more importance on keywords found early in the content of the page. Don’t stuff keywords, your site will get penalized. i.e. West Coast Vinyl energy efficient windows can cut down on your heating bills.

Make sure to have clean url’s – That means no ?’s and &’s in your URL. Most search engines stop at the ?’s and &’s and ignore everything that follows.  – i.e.

Other factors for On site optimization –

Build larger sites, rather than small individual sites –   Evidence shows that sites that have over 100 pages of content do well in the search engines than smaller sites.

Add new content on your site daily – Search engines likes frequently updated sites, and new content generates more and more food for the search engine spiders to consume and index.


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