How To Increase Your Click Throughs


In our previous article about SEO for On Page, we talked about the importances of having a title that matches the content of your page. What I want to cover is be sure to title your page for your prospect, not for Search Engines.  Take the following examples for “job search” and “search engine”. Jobs – The Largest Job Search, Employment

-Find Jobs. Build a Better Career. Find Your Calling. |

Notice Career Builder has the search term in the title tag while does not. However, which is more compelling? Read both out loud. Hands-down, is more compelling. “Find jobs, Build a Better Career, Find your Calling.” That’s powerful!

In our examples what we’re getting at is that anyone can get ranked for a keyword phrase in their title tag.  However, if your title tag is more compelling, you will get more click throughs than your competitor, even if they outrank you.  This is the key: “click throughs” is where its at!

Here are some other title examples so you get the idea:

-“40% Discount on Blackberry Curve Parts

-“Free Shipping Mesquite Steak Seasoning

-“$1500 Tax Credit on Energy Efficient Windows

Hope this helps!


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