Using Meta Description Correctly

Using meta description correctly can help you get more leads and sales for your products. Getting ranked for a keyword phrase is not hard to do.  Usually, what happens is you get the traffic but you don’t get any phone calls or email asking about your service or to buy from you.

Last article we covered why writing a compelling title in your title tag is important.  This article we will talk about your meta description that supports your title tag.

Just to review quickly what a title tag and the meta description. Title tag is what you see in the blue of your web browser. Meta description you will only see this on a SERP (search engine result page). So for example you go to Google and was looking for steak seasoning, here is what you see:

meta title and description tag

In the pics you see the title (in blue) and meta description (in black) is what Google indexes and sees in your html code.  Many webmasters don’t bother to write a meta description thinking Google will just pull content from the body, true. But, you are the one that controls the on page factors.

Getting back to the pics, as you can see two web pages indexed. By just looking at it as a consumer looking for steak seasoning, which one would you click on to look at?  Chances are you would pick the first listing due to the meta description explaining the seasoning vs the second listing stating a recipe link.

So how do you know if you have a profitable keyword phrase and description? You find this out from your PPC campaign. (pay per click, google adwords) In future articles I will cover PPC, but for now lets assume that you have discovered the keyword phrases that is getting you traffic.

Our point is to view meta title and description as an advertising message. If you want more targeted traffic and more people buying or calling your business.  The title and description needs to be compelling, in short it needs to be a mini sales ad.  It is possible for your site to have more conversions than another site that outranks you.

Here are some other examples to consider depending on the market if its for a product, sometimes its just stating the specific model name and number, like this blackberry curve parts:

blackberry curve title description

This example just shows the specific part name, and this may all that is needed. This company probably has supported this thru their PPC campaign, in other words they know this makes them money. (title & description)

If its a service that you provide like in the restaurant consulting, you will have to write more of what you do in the description:

restaurant consultant title description

The pic shows the top 3 organic listing for restaurant consultant.  Without knowing what the click through rate is for VSAG, I am willing to bet they will have the most compared to #2, and #3 listing.

Here is one more example in the replacement window industry that is very competitive:

replacement window olympia

The keyword phrase is “replacement window olympia”, this is a local listing for window contractor in the city of Olympia, WA.  This is the results of the top 3 on Google. As a homeowner looking to upgrade your windows which listing will compel you to pick up the phone? The answer is not the number 1 listing.

Hope these examples help your business grows, it is all about providing a compelling message. With that weapon you can possibly have a better click through rate than your competitor that outranks your site. If you need help or have questions, please leave a comment!


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