Keywords Identified But No Conversions

Have you ever optimized a site for a keyword phrase, received some good traffic, but there was no conversion, your phone still didn’t ring, regardless of the numerous changes you made to your landing page?

Maybe it was your offer, or the traffic.  Or it could be  that the keyword phrases didn’t have a commercial intent. How do you know if your keyword phrases have commercial intent?  Simple, PPC!  (pay per click)

This is a common mistake that most SEO professional make beginning of  an SEO campaign.  That is you must test your keyword research!  There are many tools that perform keyword research, so the issue is not being able to find the keywords to target.  The issue is not knowing what to do with them once they’ve been discovered.

Marketers find an endless “road of keywords.”  Finding relevance and lots of traffic, marketers think this is the “holy grail” They now have a list of keywords that could potentially get them millions of visitor to their site.

Yet, 85% keywords that were identified  and marketed failed to convert a single customer.  So what is the best way to measure the effectiveness of a keyword phrase? Test!

Until the keywords have been tested to see if someone will buy your poultry seasoning, or blackberry parts.  You don’t have anything concrete that proves whether a keyword will actually bring sales to your site.  That means, testing your landing page’s effectiveness in converting the traffic into customers.

The best way to test a keyword is to run a PPC campaign pointed to your landing page and measure the effectiveness of the entire process.

  • the keyword
  • your landing page
  • sales funnel

So, after running the PPC campaign, yo know which keywords made you the most money, and you simple SEO the keywords which haven’t been SEO’d and you should be able to nail down Top Ten rankings in 30 days or less.  This way, you only SEO the keywords that you know makes you money.

What about the other way around? SEO to PPC

So how does that work? Use any decent keyword research tool and look at your log files of your website. Its not a complete list of keywords but you have the data from your log files.  Look at your conversions organically and target those keywords which may only get a handful of searches but convert well.  Inject those into your PPC campaigns and capture additional customers.

Different people are attracted to different offers.  That’s what makes us human.  So if a site is successful with a handful of keyword phrases, don’t assume that you will gain conversions by using them – even if you are in the same industry.  Your offers will be different and your sites will have different styles – all of which come into play with the prospect. All of which directly affects conversion.

Remember you don’t want to just drive traffic to your site, you wanttraffic that converts to customers.  A brief PPC campaign will help you quickly verify whether the traffic converts or not.

Bottom line if you help customers with restaurant start ups or sell steak seasoning. Back it up with PPC campaign.


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