Reviews Can Build Trust, Traffic, and Sales

RatePoint a marketing research company shared some interesting findings about reviews . Businesses that integrates reviews into their business web sites, 43 percent of the respondents to a survey indicated an increase in sales and 28 percent said they experienced an increase in traffic.

Neal Creighton, CEO of RatePoint stated “Research clearly shows that peer reviews increase consumer trust when shopping online.” “Small businesses who have implemented reviews on their site are uniquely positioned to stand apart this holiday season as shoppers look to transact with sites and brands they can trust.”

Reviews help small business owners learn more about how customers use their products, find relative issues with their site or shopping process they hadn’t yet discovered and most importantly, find satisfied customers whose positive feedback will build trust with potential customers.

Whether you sell a product like a Blackberry part or phone, or provide restaurant start ups consultation.  Its important to take advantage of reviews and feedbacks.  For local businesses we call this local citation and having reviews is huge for mobile users to find you.

Research from Deloitte & Touche reveals that over 82 percent of those who read reviews stated their buying decisions have been directly influenced by those reviews. Ratepoint notes that feedback also continues to spread virally; 69 percent of consumers who read reviews share them with friends, family or colleagues.


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