Understanding Advanced Segments In Google Analytics

If you are using Google Analytics on your website then you should be aware of a feature called Advanced Segments. Advance Segments is a way to isolate and analyze specific parts of your traffic. If you want to know who and how visitors are coming into your site, but you want to see more than just 50% coming in from search engines, and 15% from direct traffic. Have a seat and read this short and to the point on accessing your Google analytics.

Here’s a quick breakdown on accessing your “traffic sources overview”.  Once you click on the traffic source section on the left side of the analytics page, this hyperlink will take you to the traffic page.

  • Once the page loads, look for a box call Advance Segment in the upper right.
  • Click on AS then you will see another box to the left with some options to view your traffic.  For this example we click on the referral traffic and traffic with  conversion.

Once this is done you click on the apply button and see the results. Now you can view the “Top Traffic Sources” in this example we will click on the referral traffic source.

You are now taken to the referring site page, then go to where your link is and click on where the red circle is in this example.  This will take you to the “referring link” page.

Click on where it shows “visit this referring link”, in this example you will be hyper linked to this “Blackberry Bold parts“.

The reason why we show you this feature is that, not many webmaster know how to navigate to find these important information about their websites. Think about this, if your “restaurant consulting” site is optimized for organic search. Don’t you want to know your referring link to find out how and where your unique customers are coming in from?

Better yet, if you’re selling “poultry seasonings,” you would want to know the traffic with conversions. In other words the traffic that shows the number of people coming into your site, buying and knowing where they came from.  These are great information to know to increase your returns on investments.


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