Meta Tags Does Not Help You Rank


Meta tags are html codes that  are  snippets of informational code that is located between your <HEAD> </HEAD> tags that are apart of your HTML document you’ve generated.

There are many types of meta tags that are used on websites. Most webmasters seem to think that some of these tags will help with their rankings in the search engines.  For examples back in the 90’s when you stuffed the keyword tags with: steak seasoning, poultry seasoning, steak spices seasoning, etc… with as many keywords as possible.  Your site would have ranked for one of those food seasoning terms alone.  Fortunately, nowadays you can’t do that, thats just spamming. Google will penalize your website.

We speak highly of Google, because they are the Man! Yahoo and Bing follows.  Understanding Google crawls of meta tags alone will not raise your search rankings. But will follow instructions on the webpage, here are some examples:

  • Googlebot: no follow –  does not allow Google to pass any Page Rank or link popularity to the link served.
  • Meta Title tag is used to declare the title of the page. (Profitable Restaurant Start Ups)
  • Meta Description tag gives a description of the document. (Install West Coast Vinyl Windows)
  • Meta Keywords tag used to define the content of your site. (Blackberry parts)

These are important meta tags to have on your page, Google will read, index, and obey.


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