Optimizing PDF Files For SEO

Another great way to create content for SEO purpose is the use of PDF files.  Google spider can crawl and index the text on a PDF file.  Here are some reasons why its great for SEO:

  • Google spiders can index the document
  • The document can be ranked in “search engine result page”
  • The links within the document passes good link juice

Other things to add is to put your “keyword phrases” in the title of your document.  Always create your PDF files from a text based program like a word document, not from photoshop. PDF files can be placed on your website, be sure to place near the root directory.

To get the PDF file index, just send a link to the PDF page.  Here are some examples names of pages that you name it:

Following these basics should get your PDF page crawled quickly and indexed by the major search engines.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. So, instead of sending someone a pdf document–I send them a link so they go to my site and download it themself? I do not fully understand your method, being a newbie to this stuff. Thanks, Marvin

    1. spidermarket says:

      Great Q Marvin, what we are saying is do all of this, the point of this post is: This is another way of using a pdf file for seo for linking and branding. ie lets say you have a pdf file on one of your web page, can be xyz.com/widget.pdf – this page can get rankings and to have a good follow link within the pdf file.

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