7 Deadly Sins Of Landing Page Design

This great short video on the 7 deadly sins of a Landing Page Design is great! Pay attention to the the use of pics and text.  Also look at too much of pics or text can be bad as well.

If you don’t have a landing page, you should think of creating one or assigning one of your web pages as the one for a specific service or product.

  1. Unclear Call To Action
  2. Too many choices
  3. Asking For Too Much
  4. Shorten Your Text
  5. Not Keeping Your Promises
  6. Visual Distractions
  7. Lack of Creditability & Trust

These are the mistakes on  Landing Page  that many marketers make. So take these advices and apply it to your industry.  Many people have asked us, do these principles also work for a service like replacement window or restaurant consultants?  Answer is yes, of course you can’t compare it to a product.  But, tracking and testing the landing pages are still the same, there are some degrees of differences in the stages of transaction to take into consideration.


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