Always Be Testing and Tracking

Testing and tracking for online marketing should be part of your business plan.  This is done through the use of Google Analytics.  Google Analytics javascript codes are implemented on the pages to track the traffic coming in.

However, GA does not give you all the information on how to use it effectively.  GA offers custom reports and user-defined variables which allows you to create your own metrics and reports where the standard ones don’t meet your needs.

GA tool is very powerful and it doesn’t show all of its features upfront.  Another feature that it has which is important to know for further tracking is the “website optimizer”.  All it requires is another set of javascript code implement to track your define pages. Your webmaster or you the owner can do.

The point of this article is the importances of tracking your traffic for any form of data.  If your business is a service like replacement window service or about restaurant business plan, you need to put in the codes to track the traffic.  Yes, all of this is not 100% accurate due to the nature of transaction for a service.  But, GA gives you some clue as to how and where you’re getting your leads.

Yes, you will have to sit down and sift through the information.  In the next article I will give you some basic analysis and assessment of what to do after reading your GA reports.


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