Basic Analysis of Your Google Analytics Report


Reading your Google Analytics can be mind boggling and in general not much use to your traffic.  However, I want to show you some basic analysis from reading the GA report.  Take a look at the top picture we’ll view it from left to right whats inside the blue box defined:

  • Source and keywords – sources where the referring site is “google”, keyword self explanatory
  • Visits and Page Visits – visits shows how many visitors came – page visits / how many pages were viewed – thats great that visitors came and viewed multiple pages
  • Avg Time on Site – this shows the amount of time in minutes, the more time on page the better, depending on the subject of content.
  • Bounced Rate – bounce means visitors exited out of your website. Don’t be alarmed to see hi percentage.


The basic analysis from this information is that visitors coming into this site is looking for steak seasoning or some form of food seasoning.  With the mulitple pages viewed visitors possibly still in the research phase for food seasoning.  Time spent is hi, which is good, this shows interest in what the website has as far as content.

Bounce rate is high, you can view this as bad or good information so that you can take action. Narrow it down to which page it is that visitors are bouncing out from and what keyword phrases visitors are coming for.

Most people for some reason don’t do anything about this. These businesses tend to forget its all about modifying and making changes in the marketing world, and this is expecially true for online and mobile marketing world.

Learn to use and read Google Analytics, GA offers many different ways to read and extract your data.


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