Exact Keyword Match Filter

Here’s the next simple way to find a keyword phrase in your Google Analytics.  Suppose in your GA shows that you have traffic for a certain keyword phrase that you’re receiving.

I scoured the web looking for a tutorial on how to filter for an exact phrase in Google Analytics, and when I didn’t find one, I did some testing and figured it out. Here’s the syntax that must be used to isolate exact phrases in keyword data:

^Keyword Phrase$

It’s as simple as that. And here’s a screenshot to help further clarify the process. Try it for yourself the next time you need to isolate a very specific keyword variation!

Google Analytics Exact Match Filter

If you’d like to see several exact matches, you can combine keywords using the | operator. So your filter would look like: ^restaurant consultant$|^bath remodeler$|^restaurant start ups$

Hope that helps!


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