Using Twitter For Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media such as  Twitter and Youtube correctly can increase your brand and presences.  In this case study is a first hand experience from a consumer (my daughter) perspective not as a marketer. Sometimes understanding how one uses the social media from the consumer side is an invaluable source. In this true story you will see how Social Media transcends to real live event that took place in Seattle. The objective of this marketing scheme is a Samsung BEHOLD II smart phone, which I will explain at the end of this article.

Anyways, my daughter who is a big fan of a Hip Hop Dancing team called “Quest Crew”. They are the best Hip Hop dance team in America. My daughter had been following one of the dance member nickname “Hok”. She had first seen one of their dance routine on Youtube, and with the ending credit showing Twitter to follow.

Earlier today about mid morning, my daughter excitedly tells us that there was an event at the local mall. This event was sponsored by T-Mobile premiering a short live dance show featuring the best of the best The “Quest Crew”. Right here in Seattle/Tacoma Mall today later in the day!

So as you can imagined there were pleading of mercy to go to the mall to see this great event. Of course we had to make it fit our schedule with all the last minute Christmas shopping and all. Anyways, the event took place inside the main entrance of the mall with a mini stage set up near Macy.

I was impressed by the hype, and most of the word of mouth spreading about the event was thru Twitter. Now don’t take my word for it but I did ask some of these kids about how they heard of the event. 3 out of 5 all mentioned friends via twitter. T-mobile store had a big sign up of the event about the show, free T-shirts, and autographs signing prior to the event. I admit I didn’t notice the sign, so thats something that T-Mobile needs to work on to draw more attention. The size of the sign was not a problem.

In the video you see some top quality dancing in the works, all in unison. The quality of the video was captured by a cell phone. Quality is not the greatest but the content of the video totally captures the live moment. If you are not a fan, you may overlook this statement, but if you’re a fan, and was there live. Being there live and experiencing totally Rocks! Funny thing is earlier in the day, I had no idea who this Hip Hop dance group was.

Ok, getting back to the marketing scheme of all this. T-Mobile was promoting their Samsung BEHOLD II Android based cell phone. T-Mobile knew that a certain majority of demograph (younger generation) loves this type of smartphone. Also, knowing that most younger crowds love the Hip Hop dance thing. T-Mobile acquired “Quest Crew” to go on a 5 city tour to promote the new Samsung BEHOLD II smartphone.

To spread the word, there was the utilization of Youtube, twitter to let followers know of when the event was taking place, by using the crew of “Quest Crew”. They effectively spread the word, T-Mobile handled all the offline event logistics. So it is accurate to state that the main core of this marketing (word of mouth) was thru Social Media.

How can this case study help your business? Everything!, Using Social Media correctly can promote any business brand and presences, here are some industries that we have helped:

* Home Improvement – Bath RemodelWest Coast Vinyl Windows
* Restaurant Consultants
* Riedel Decanter Glass
* XYZ Anti Virus Software
* Mesquite Steak Seasoning
* Underwater MP3 Player
* Martial Arts
* Security Protection Products
* Law Enforcement Training

As you can see thru the use of Social Media it can be applied to any industry. If you need more information please comment or push the big blue button. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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