Keyword Research Exact Match


Every marketers should be familiar with the use of Google Keyword Tool. However, a big common mistake is when we search we are looking at the broad terms vs exact match. There are some differences in the number of searches.

For this exercise we’ll search for “replacement windows.”
Broad Match
Notice how the search volume displays 368,000 searches and the Match Type in the upper right corner is set to “Broad”. This will return all searches with the word “replacement” and “windows” but not together. This is the default setting and can throw you off.

Instead, use “Exact Match” as it will give you the real search numbers:

Exact Match
As you can see the search numbers drop to 40,500. That is about 1/3 of the Broad Match number – which is a huge difference.

So, when you do your keyword research ALWAYS use Exact Match so you have a more clear understanding of the estimated number of searches. This is very important to know in the competitive search phrases such as “restaurant consultants“,  and “kitchen makeover“.


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